La Jolla Oceanfront

This elegant, generous, organically-inspired residence was built for flexibility. Rooms (with exception of bedrooms) were not designed to fit one specific purpose but rather to accommodate our client's ever-changing needs. The "dining room" can seat 20 comfortably or easily arrange itself into a thoughtful Study. The "living room" can accommodate 50 for cocktails or become a comforting, state-of-the art home theatre for the immediate family. The furnishings are toned in shades of the rocks, kelp, sea and sand just footsteps away. There was a concerted effort to meld the architecture and interior design into one, logical and stylish relationship. Architecture by Ken Ronchetti.

  • Living Room 1
    Entry Gate
  • Living Room 2
    Entry Gate
  • Breakfast Room
    Entry Gate
  • Study
    Entry Gate
  • Master Bedroom
    Entry Gate

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